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What is the Bible Nation Society: A Personal Invitation

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The Legitimacy of the Continental Congress 2009

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The Legitimacy of the Continental Congress 2009

By: Dr. Douglas F. Levesque, Founder of The Levesque Institute

The Continental Congress 2009 has convened in Chicagoland, Illinois. It is meeting to articulate grievances regarding the U.S. government’s abuse of power and disregard for Constitutional law. It will then determine what to do if the government decides to ignore the grievances. A public petition will be circulated to raise awareness and garner support. It is an historic occasion – no doubt. It’s effectiveness is yet to be seen. It’s legitimacy is the subject of this treatise.

Three delegates from each state have been elected to represent Americans in these delegations. The diversity is great. White, black, hispanic, and immigrant-citizens are here. Blue collar, white collar, college degrees, and self educated experts are here. Men, women, young, and old are here. Most are patriots, many are veterans, some are skeptics, and not a few seem anti-establishment, but all are come together as Americans. Some are God fearing, some are atheistic, but all are tolerant of the many prayers, hymns, chapels, and religious historical stories alluded to here. The level of Constitutional knowledge and legal understanding is as rich as any meeting in America. The hope for peaceful progress is seen in the smiling eyes and heard in the lively discussions at every break time or meal table. The determination to see this Continental Congress is high in most delegations. On the surface it is very real, and very serious. At the core it is noble, and for the Constitutional purist. But is it legitimate?

What makes anything legitimate? Does legitimate mean legal? This congress is legal. Does legitimate mean mature or meaningful? This congress is both of those things. Does legitimate mean popular or marketable? This congress has the potential to be explosive at the grass roots level and in the pop media. Does legitimate mean “as powerful” or more potent than the current government? That remains to be seen. Our forefathers certainly did not seem legitimate under any of these definitions, but today nobody questions their legitimacy. It is their universal acceptance and even their universal esteem that actually maximizes this Continental Congress 2009. Constitutionally, nothing could be more legitimate.

Biblically speaking, only an adherence to the sound national advice and wisdom within the sacred pages of Scripture will move the hand of heaven towards a lasting and effective legitimacy. Let us pray for both our current authorities and our Continental Congress 2009 delegates to reach for the examples set by our first representatives.

“But the former governors that had been before me were chargeable unto the people, and had taken of them bread and wine, beside forty shekels of silver; yea, even their servants bear rule over the people: but so did not I, because of the fear of God.” -Nehemiah 5:15

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Historic Continental Congress 2009 Convenes

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Historic Continental Congress 2009 Convenes

Original article posted at the We The People Foundation website.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 may one day be known as the day the American People convened, for the first time in over two centuries, an Assembly of representatives of the People in order to fully exercise of the “Capstone Right” — i.e., the Petition clause of the First Amendment.

At approximately 3:00 pm Wednesday, WTP Chairman Bob Schulz convened the Assembly to begin the selection of Congress officers from the ranks of elected Delegates who will preside over the 11-day long Assembly.  Constitutional scholar and former Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik was selected as the presiding officer of the Congress while Delegate .

Following the ceremonial Liberty Banquet dinner at the St. Charles, Illinois Pheasant Run venue, the Delegates gathered in the main deliberation hall for the Opening Ceremony which wasbroadcast live.  The song-centered ceremony featured presentation of the fifty state flags by the Delegates, as well as several patriotic group songs and inspirational prayers.

For over a decade, WTP Foundation has championed an intensive, well-researched and coherent effort to hold the Government accountable for its escalating violations of fundamental Rights and the Constitution through use of the Right of the People to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Those ongoing abuses include violations of the Constitution’s tax, money, war, general welfare, privacy and other clauses that are at the heart of the conditions that now plague our nation.  (See our Petitions for Redress)

Although the public has known little about the history or nature of the Right to Petition, scholarly and historical research has established without argument, that the Right, first articulated as the cornerstone of Western Law in Magna Carta (1215), provides the People an individual Right to hold Government peacefully accountable for its abuses.

Far beyond the right to merely send “complaints” to the government (which are virtually ignored by all officials), the Right of Petition embodies the profound Right to enforce the Right to Petition by withdrawing support from the Government until Redress is secured.

Summaries of this important research can be reviewed as part of the legal pleadings of the 2004 landmark WTP lawsuit, We The People vs. United States, which sought to have the Judiciary declare – for the first time in history – the legal and constitutional meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment. In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear this controversial case involving the essence of Popular Sovereignty.

Continental Congress 2009 will take the process of holding Government accountable and restoring the Constitution to the next level by first creating a formal record of the vast violations of the Constitution and Individual Rights now suffered by the People.  Next, the Congress will debate and decide upon a series of practical but strong “Civic Actions” the People may take in order to restore their Liberty.

The agenda for the CC2009 Assembly also provides for the development and adoption of formal “Remedial Instructions” to be served upon federal and state officials, in essence ordering them to cease and desist their official abuses and giving them formal Notice as to the “Civic Actions” of (peaceful) resistance the People may take, en masse, if those officials, yet again, choose to ignore the People’s Petitions for Redress.

View a live video stream of the Continental Congress 2009 at http://www.biblenation.org/resources/event-live-streaming/

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2009 Continental Congress Day 2, Josh Levesque

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Join 16 year old Joshua Levesque as he covers the 2009 Continental Congress in St. Charles, IL

View live video from the Congress at http://www.biblenation.org/resources/event-live-streaming/

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2009 Continental Congress Day 1, Josh Levesque

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Join 16 year old Joshua Levesque as he covers the 2009 Continental Congress in St. Charles, IL

View live video from the Congress at http://www.biblenation.org/resources/event-live-streaming/

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2009 Continental Congress Opening Proceedings Report

Day 1 Report
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Day 2 Report
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Join 16 year old Joshua Levesque as he covers the 2009 Continental Congress in St. Charles, IL

View future BNS reports and watch a live video feed of the proceedings by clicking http://www.biblenation.org/resources/event-live-streaming/

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Bible Nation Society Founder interviewed by Christian Science Monitor concerning Pouillon Murder

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Bible Nation Society Founder interviewed by Christian Science Monitor concerning Pouillon Murder

The following take from the Christian Science Monitor website which interviewed Dr. Levesque on Saturday, September 12th concerning the murder of James Pouillion.

Killing of anti-abortion protester has both sides questioning violence

Already, there are small signs that common ground is being found regarding the use of violence, no matter where it’s directed.

By Mark Guarino


The murder of an anti-abortion protester outside Detroit Friday is forcing both sides of the abortion issue to address their traditional roles in the long-standing debate.

James Pouillon, a local man known in the community for his 20-year street protests aimed at ending abortion, was shot and killed outside a high school in suburban Owosso early Friday morning while staging his usual protest involving large photos of mutilated fetuses.

Within hours police named a suspect: Harlan James Drake. Mr. Drake killed two people that day, but the death of Mr. Pouillon is drawing attention because it is the first abortion-related murder since the May shooting death of Dr. George Tiller, a Wichita, Kan. physician who performed abortions, in the foyer of a Catholic church. A staunch anti-abortion advocate was charged.

Since news of the shootings broke Friday, national organizations representing both the anti-abortion and abortion rights movements released statements to frame the murder against data — either aborted fetuses or assassinated medical personnel — they say is essential in understanding how their side deals with violence or the threat of violence every day.

Shaun Kenney, executive director of the American Life League in Washington, one of the nation’s largest pro-life organizations, called Pouillon a “true pro-life hero” and said his murder on Sept. 11 was “a terrible irony” for bringing “to mind the 50 million innocent lives lost to abortion.”

On Saturday, Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, condemned the murder and said the pro-choice side knows “all too well the chilling effect that shootings and other forms of violent intimidation have on people who have strongly held beliefs about this most personal issue.” The organization reports that eight abortion clinic workers in the US have been murdered since 1993.

Because the majority of violence surrounding the abortion issue usually involves threats or acts against clinics, resulting in federal and state protection laws, the murder of an anti-abortion advocate is reversing the traditional roles of both sides and, in that process, perhaps even forcing both to look at it with a new perspective.

Already, there are small signs that common ground is being found regarding the use of violence, no matter where it’s directed.

Keenan called Pouillon’s murder “senseless violence” and offered condolences to the families involved. Kenney said it wanted to “renew” its “call for peace and prayer as the only remedies for the culture of violence.”

Doug Levesque, the pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church outside Owosso, says he is already sensing “a solidarity of spirit” among people in the city, population 15,000, who share different points of view on abortion.

“I think people are [saying] ‘this is just craziness’. There are so many other things we can do. We can argue, we can rally. It’s not worth shooting each other over,” he says.

Mr. Levesque says Pouillon attended his church “numerous times” over the past few years and was known as a “caustic” abortion protester who “would have been thrilled” to learn that his murder was considered the antithesis of the Tiller case.

After the Tiller case, Levesque says he wrote op-ed pieces to the local newspaper condemning the use of violence in the abortion debate, even though he personally agreed that Tiller’s efforts resulted in “cold-blooded murder.” He said Pouillon felt the same.

“Jim would say Dr. Tiller killed 60,000 babies but Jim would never say, ‘let’s kill somebody’,” says Levesque. “I think the pro-choicers are the same way when they say ‘we support women’s right but it’s not worth senseless violence’. Even Jim didn’t deserve that.”

Since the shootings, he says he is sensing people around Owosso are making efforts to “look into each others eyes” and find “a connection” rather than decamp. It can only happen “by living together.”

Article can be seen at http://features.csmonitor.com/politics/2009/09/12/killing-of-anti-abortion-protester-has-both-sides-questioning-violence/

Also see Dr. Levesque’s article concerning the Tiller murder. http://biblenation.org/2009/06/“tiller-murder”-a-sad-saga-of-abortion-in-america/

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The Voodoo Economics of Both Left and Right

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The Voodoo Economics of Both Left and Right

By Dr. Douglas F. Levesque, Founder of The Levesque Institute

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD;” -Psalm 33:12
“I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee:” -Genesis 12:3

An MIT or Harvard degree in Macroeconomics does not necessarily make one a good advisor of financial policy or a qualified predictor of national growth and decline. In fact, most recently, “enlightened” economists have gotten it wrong time and time again! A recent New York Times article entitled How did Economists get it so Wrong? (September 2, 2009) exhausts the same old rhetoric as to our economic woes and seeks to explain the downfall of a formerly revered profession. Nobel recognized economist, Paul Krugman reviews the recent woes and opines the calamitous counsel of such sage advisors as Olivier Blanchard (IMF Chief), Robert Lucas (Former President of the American Economists Association), and Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve), as well-meaning, but at the whim of sinister forces of greed. Such damage control on the part of yet another economist on behalf of said species is all part of the voodoo rhetoric meant to soothe the masses into believing the nation’s economy is in good hands.

After another elitist lecture on the history of economic theory, Krugman falls back into a defense of Keynesian economics which basically states that the government is justified, yea, must be involved in even more regulation and manipulation (a.k.a. soft socialism). The salvation of American markets is ‘more of the same?’

What both right and left alike have in common today is that they believe with religious fervor their philosophies as to the flow of money can ‘manage’ inflation and depression. “Trust the markets” is countered by “remember 1929!” Neither side looks to the creator of money and manager of wealth – Jehovah God, as an economic factor of any consequence. Neither would allow the Bible or it’s principles into the discussion. Yet, both sides practice their own “voodoo” doctrines with far less substantiated proofs, citing only “consumer confidence” and “market trends” and “successful European models”. Are we mesmerized by such shamanism?

Adam Smith’s treatise “Wealth of Nations” in 1776 claimed there is an “unseen hand” in free market economies that equates to a miraculous ‘X factor’, a veritable missing link, making ‘capitalism’ the better ideology. The Apostle Paul would have responded to that notion something like this, “The economic ‘unseen hand’ you ignorantly worship, declare I unto you.” [See Acts 17:23 for allusion].

God almighty controls oil deposits and gold discoveries, crop successes and weather catastrophes, winners in war and losers in politics. He is the one rock of economic sureness that Americans have counted on. Does not our national anthem plead in prayer, “may God thy gold refine”? We must continue to trust and obey the not so secret hand that feeds us. Righteousness and morality, generosity and hard work, responsibility and friendship toward Israel are as keen of economic indicators as are interest rates and trade tariffs. Forming NAFTA or EU like trading blocks will just bring larger cycles of flash and then bang! Let’s quit listening so intently to the Economist and start looking to the Book of Books for our personal and national policies. The Creator of wealth and nations has much to say about it. (See Dr. Levesque’s “The Design and Destiny of Nations” online at www.biblenation.org)

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Domestic Enemies

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Domestic Enemies

By Dr. Douglas F. Levesque, Founder of The Levesque Institute

Every soldier and public servant covenants by solemn oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, “foreign and domestic.”  We sing, “land of the free and the home of the brave”, thousands of times a day across this country.  We pledge allegiance, “to the republic”, in countless venues, and a myriad of times in our life.  Are such commitments poppycock?  Is our rhetoric without understanding or truth?  I have personally preached a score of sermons related to the commitment of good citizenship and the uniqueness of our heritage, charging good Christians to be good Americans.  I have weighed the times and the seasons, the costs and the ramifications.  It is time to stand up and be counted for right, and align clearly against wrong in our National life.

Wrong War

The examples in Scripture are there for our wisdom.  Consider Judges chapter twelve.

Jephthah and the Gileadites had no difficulty of conscience in fighting against the Ammonites and Amorites when invaded.  The decision to war against such enemies was clear cut, and to fight a defensive war, dependent upon Almighty God was just, even right.  But when confronted by their own countrymen, the Ephraimites, a plea and dialogue was put forth by Jepthah as to his rightness, but to no avail.  Ultimately, the men of Gilead responded to the threats of Ephraim in order to keep themselves from enslavement by their own kin.  A battle ensued.  The tragic deaths of war bloodied the Jordan river.  Jephthah emerges victorious.  We do not want to rally against our own country men, but their incessant threats of enslavement are becoming real chains and rapidly.

Brother Against Brother

With the death of national sovereignty will no doubt come an attack upon personal liberties.  Bible preachers will become “hate mongers”, Christian educators will be labeled “child abusers”, and Christians will be pushed into a deepening silence.  What will we do about it?  What can we do?  I return to the Biblical account for help.

Ephraim, by pride and jealousy, initiated a war of enslavement and conquest.  It was the wrong war to fight.  They should have joined Jephthah against Ammon, but missed out for unknown reasons.  Why did Gilead seem like more of a threat to Ephraim than the Ammonites?  And so it is in America today.  Liberals count Bible advocates as a greater threat than Taliban terrorists, and conservatives do nothing to stop the bashing because their eye is upon the waxing and waning of their ever precious stock reports.  Christians are fighting moral corruption but will not be joined by Democrats or Republicans.  Instead, both parties struggle to free themselves of the “fundamentalist” Christians in their ranks like a leper seeks to be free of his spots.  Do we have a principled or historical leg to stand on?  Who are the real keepers of the Constitution?

A Dark Decision

The men of Gilead were forced to fight, and some day so might we.  Let us refrain from foolish bravado or untaunted saber rattling.  However, let us pledge the flag and the republic with truth.  Let us sing about our land bravely.  Quote the Constitution, herald the Declaration.  Repent of wrong.  Commit to right.  Humbly pray and seek God’s face and miraculous reform, but . . .prepare for the dark decision that faces every Bible believer.  What will you do when your child’s education is no longer your choice, or Biblical truth is considered criminal, or faithful churches are litigated against for “treason” when all thy really do is declare the Scriptures, and hold to the founding fathers own sentiments? The fight is being brought to us.  May God help us and the dark decisions we face as he aided Jephthah and the men of Gilead.

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Important phone call made to 500 Michigan pastors

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Important phone call made to 500 Michigan pastors

*****Below you will read the transcript of an important phone call made to over 500 Michigan pastors from Bible Nation Society founder Dr. Douglas Levesque.

Hello Pastor!

This is an important phone call for independent Baptist pastors and churches in Michigan.
If you are taking a message for the pastor please be sure he gets it.  Thank you.

Pastor, nearly 500 phone calls are being made to men of your caliber in our state in order to make some urgent requests.

This is Pastor Doug Levesque from Immanuel Baptist Church in Corunna near Owosso.  I am having the same concerns and challenges that you are having in your local church ministry.  Despite current downtrends in Michigan we continue to press on by faith and with the joy of the Lord as the Bible commands.  I praise God that new folks are visiting the church, getting saved and surrendering to ministry.   I trust you too are fighting the good fight of faith. After all, the just shall live by faith.

Several years ago, I started a mission endeavor out of our church called the Bible Nation Society.  You almost certainly have received our mailings, magazines and promotions.  Many months we have mailed materials to over 10,000 like minded Baptists across the country.  We have had our display, materials and representatives at many independent Baptist venues across the country including Lancaster Baptist Church’s Leadership Conference and The National Sword of the Lord events.  Our media production arm has provided free services to colleges, schools, camps, church planters, mission organizations and special evangelistic events around the country.  Many cash grants have been awarded to good men and ministries around the world.  Trips to Washington DC and Israel have yielded both the salvation of souls and the infusion of Biblical thought into influential realms.  I could go on regarding the activities and fruits of this outreach, but I want to speak to two in particular.

The first is the National Bible Museum.  The government funded Smithsonian Institute which oversees the American History Museum in the capitol has now removed the Bible from its interpretation of our founding and past.  Whereas there used to be 400 plus Bibles in the displays and archives, there are now None -that’s Zero on display.  It is up to us to infuse the Bible, it’s meaning, it’ influence, and it’s importance into our culture.  What the Creation Museum has done for Genesis 1-11, we need to do for the rest of the Book! And from an Independent Baptist perspective.

This Weekend (Independence Day) I will join over 100 walkers in our MuseumWalk fundraiser.  We will walk on the 5 mile route, garnering media attention, and passing out a specialized tract.  All proceeds will go to this particular project.  I am asking you and your church to help, by sponsoring me for any amount in this walk, taking up a special offering, or maybe even hosting your own walk this year.  Go towww.museumwalkonline.com for more information or to donate electronically.  Please, Pastor, support me in this fundraising walk.  I do appreciate your sacrifices.

The second issue is our Second annual Bible in Culture conference on Saturday, November 7th.  Prophecy expert, Jimmy DeYoung will be the keynote speaker. The all day cost is only $10, and Pastors go free if they bring three others.  As important as prophecy is a special Independent Baptist Pastors referendum on the state of our nation and of our state, may be the most important hour of the day.  We will be giving you materials and discussing strategies for surviving and even thriving in post Christian America.  Pastor, we need to stand together for Biblical Christianity.  There are actions we can and should take together without compromising church autonomy.  Please put this date on your calendar.

The stated mission of this organization is to renew Biblical literacy in our culture, and to put Biblical thought regarding a host of modern issues in the circles of power where discussions are taking place and decisions are being made.  Despite many independent Baptist personalities, papers, camps and colleges – no such organizations or missions currently exist in our ranks.  I humbly believe this society is an important one for our people today!  Please go to our website www.biblenation.org and sign up for a free digital subscription to Bible Nation magazine, and our weekly email blasts communicating pertinent issues regarding the Bible and it’s role in our current national life.  Forwarding these articles to your church family and personal friends will multiply our effectiveness.

You can hear this message again on the website www.biblenation.org.  Also feel free to call me personally on my cell at 989.277.3667. or at church 989.743.6700.  I request again, please sponsor me for any amount and pray for a great fundraiser this weekend.  Thank you.

I am always yours for His service.

Dr. Douglas F. Levesque
Founder of The Bible Nation Society

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